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Organising a wedding is a vastly complicated procedure and whilst many brides and their families relish the challenge - by using D'Exec to help manage your wedding you will be free to enjoy the build-up and the big day itself without stress or anxiety.

Our wedding planning service allows you to enjoy all the decision making processes that go into creating your dream occasion without any of the hassle. Indeed, we actively encourage as much input and feed-back as possible to ensure that everything is absolutely perfect: our aim is not to take charge - but to co-ordinate the services you already have, with the services you need.

So wherever you are planning to hold your wedding ceremony and reception, and for whatever religion; D'Exec can provide all the necessary ingredients – from decorations, marquees, and dance-floors, to photographers, staff, musicians and caterers

Corporate Event.

For many businesses, wasting valuable time and staff organising corporate events is simply not cost effective – especially when employees often have no formal training or expertise. By outsourcing your event to D'Exec you are guaranteed an expertly produced function that will not only impress, but also quite simply save you money.

D'Exec’s corporate event management services are unrivalled in their professionalism and dedication to your company’s objectives. We are acutely aware that our performance and end result is ultimately a reflection of your own brand identity and corporate image. It is therefore our goal to transcend all expectations, and through our entertainment expertise, present your business in a new light.

Our production team and event designers can work with you to produce office parties, seminars, client receptions, and outdoor shows. Our initial consultation is always free, and we would be happy to put together a proposal at any time.

Festival / Cultural Evening.

Whether you are planning to hold Cultural Evening internally in your own office - or externally, in a custom-picked venue: D'Exec can arrange your event with expert efficiency.

Internal transformations are highly cost effective, with very little money needed to convert a bland office environment into a stunning party area. By using special linings, dance floors, balloon-sculptures and mobile catering, the results can be breathtaking. You can use D'Exec to provide all or part of the equipment you need - or you can opt for our complete event management service, allowing you to relax and enjoy the party.

Alternatively, when you are determined to provide your employees and clients with a truly memorable festive celebration – there is no substitute for an external venue hired specifically for the purpose. With D'exec’s enviable database of premier venues, including Hotels, Bars, Nightclubs, Theatres, Art Gallery’s, Museums and Grand Houses – finding a suitable location and transforming it into a Festival / Cultural paradise is our speciality.

Theme Party.

Organising a themed event is the perfect way to instigate guest interaction, as costumes and fantasy environments create not only excitement - but an immediate talking point.

Even the most simplistic party concept can trigger a unique bond between all the revelers – giving them instant ‘ice-breaking’ opportunities and unifying everyone from an early stage in the proceedings. Creating this bond is one of the single most important factors in hosting a superb party.

Not only this, but themed events provide a fantastic opportunity to produce parties of breathtaking complexity and wonder. The right theme idea can introduce facilties that will simply blow your guests minds, such as fairground rides; hot tubs and spa facilities; multi-tiered dancefloors; indoor skating rinks; and complete casinos. The only real limit is your imagination.

Exhibitions & Fair.

Creating the perfect exhibition is crucial when trying to build a successful marketing strategy. Imaginative architecture and spectacular displays can produce as much hype as any salesman – and at D'Exec we are expert in creating stunning visual effects.

Our exhibition stands are usually constructed in modular form for ease of use and portability, and can be fabricated in conjunction with pop-up stands and computer displays. They are all built to the highest industry standards, ensuring all fire, health and safety regulations are observed.

In addition, we also provide laminate flooring, steel walk-ways, gantreys and bespoke furniture; as well as IT solutions and plasma screens at remarkable industry rates.

Birthday Parties.

The majority of birthday parties we organise are for 1st, 18th, 21st and subsequent grander anniversaries - however, we are happy to design spectacular celebrations for any occasion.

Coming of age parties, such as 11th, 18th, 21st birthday parties have become increasingly more spectacular, with ever more creative and imaginative resources being utilised to produce ever more stunning events. At D'Exec, we are at the forefront of this innovation: transforming memorable days into memorable occasions.

Product Launches.

At D'Exec, we understand that a product launch represents a unique opportunity to maximise publicity, promotional exposure and market penetration. For this reason, and because a new product can only be launched once – the production and execution must be perfect.

In order to create such a spectacular introductory showcase, a detailed understanding of the product is essential. Our event managers will work tirelessly with your company to create both set, stage and display material that reflects the new product’s market niche. From printwork and original exhibition stands, to wireless internet connections and decorations – every aspect of the event will be flawless. Using the latest lighting techniques and indoor pyrotechnics devices, we will not only create a dramatic product reveal, but also maintain the audience’s attention by having a pro-active stage crew and a stunning presentation team.